Bella and Bruce (aka mr and mrs B)

by Curt n Anne Marie
(Doncaster UK)

Bella is a 2 year old blue bitch she came with the house we rented last year and she's now with us for good. although she can be a little diva at times she loves all the attention and is the greediest dog I've ever come across despite her great shape. An hour before I wrote this I came in from work and and my girlfriend cooked me some tea it's sat in a pan at the top of the cooker. She only came to open the door for me and I came home to a guilty looking greyhounds face and a empty pan, so thanks Bella looks like a takeaway now lol.

Now about bruce.

About 4/5 month after acquiring Bella me and my girlfriend was having a discussion about getting another dog as I walked to the shop that morning I see this white tip of a tale in front of me my first instinct was Bella had got out. But when I got close it was the most underwieght frail dog I've ever seen I took him to the shop across the road and let them sort it as I had to go to work. I felt awfull and told my girlfriend about him. So I go to work and come home to see this tired beaten greyhound laid on carpet in the living room. We called him Bruce, had him checked over and looked after him. I seriously thought he wouldent make it thru the first night as he was in so bad condition who ever had him needs torturing. Now 1 year on Bruce is bouncing with energy he is obediant and has the nicest temperament Apreachating everything. I'll post some before and after pics up of him........

Thats the storey of mr n mrs B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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