by Karen van Wyk
(Lincoln, UK)

Enjoying the garden.

Enjoying the garden.

Enjoying the garden. Pfft, I'm not getting in there, Mom. Cuddles with Auntie. Yay, roadtrip.

Radley originally belonged to a client I worked for, and when my client passed away I gave his Greyhound a home.

I've always been a cat person myself, but I can honestly say Radley has changed my life. I never really knew anything about Greyhounds before I met this lovely boy but I fell in love at first sight.

He is an ex racer who had a rough start in life but he has the sweetest and gentlest nature ever, and he is the heart of our home. Everyone who meets him adores him.

If I had the space I'd adopt a whole 'herd' of Greyhounds. They really are the most amazing dogs.

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